Installs the Smart TV app on your Samsung / LG TV

To start watching TV in your Smart TV, follow these simple steps. This guide works for both Samsung and LG TV sets.

  1. Download the Smart TV app in the official Samsung Apps Store in your country.
  2. Start the “Smart TV” app.
  3. The Smart TV app shows your MAC address on your TV screen. Note that MAC address.
  4. Smart TV Tutorial Guide How to MAC address
  5. Visit  and click on My List.
  6. Enter the MAC address of your Smart TV.
  7. Enter the M3U URL (which you have received from us via email).
  8. Press Send.
  9. Restart your Smart TV app (on your TV set) and you get the channel list.


About the Smart IPTV app

Smart IPTV is a pay program, and the one that costs about 50 SEK. The app is free for 7 days and when your trial period expires you must purchase the app.

The SmartIPTV app is a stand-alone application. This means that we are not responsible for its functionality and we have no support for the Smart IPTV app. Then you should contact [email protected]

The purchase of the Smart IPTV app also has nothing to do with For questions regarding payment, please contact .

More information about Smart TV app can be found at .


To buy the Smart IPTV app

You can do this here .

NOTE! After you purchase the program, your playlist will be reset so you have to follow the instructions above again.