Installation of TVIP S-Box

Instructions for getting your IPTV channels on your TVIP S-Box.

After you have followed these instructions, you should also activate the TVIP S-Box’s MAC address. Learn how to enable the MAC address further down the page.

1. Connect your TVIP S-Box.
2. Select the language and time zone.
3. The first time you start your TVIP S-Box, it will ask you if you want to update to the latest software. You should preferably choose to update the box.
4. Click Settings.


5. Select Network.

6. Write down the MAC address on Network. Please, after you have purchased an IPTV subscription from us, please email us the MAC address . We need it to activate your TVIP S-Box.

When you apply for a free trial with us, please enter your MAC address in the form.

7. Go to TV in the left menu

8. Change all TV settings to the settings below

Stream Source: Multicast
UDPXY Server: 
MPEG-TS Buffering, msec: 5000
DVR Storage: No storage
Timeshift storage: Internal storage
Auto-timeshift: Off
Content Source: Web Portal

Do not miss to change to Web portal.

9. Press the Setup Web Portal. Press it and set the following settings:

Portal URL:  You will receive the link via email. Please, check your email.
Portal Manager: Off
Use Web Portal: Whole System

10. Press Apply.


YouTube video for installing TVIP S-Box

It is easy to install a TVIP S-Box. This YouTube video shows you how to do it.


Activate your TVIP S-Box

To get started with your IPTV channels you must activate the TVIP S-Box’s MAC address . After you have ordered an IPTV channel package from us, please email us your MAC address.

If you have applied for a free trial account , please do not forget to enter your MAC address in our form .


HDMI Auto Frame

Some newer TVs cannot synchronize the refresh rate (Hertz / FPS) with the TVIP S-Box. Here’s how to fix it

1. Go to Settings.
2. Select Display.
3. Change the HDMI Auto Framerate to ON.