Installation of MAG IPTV

1. Go to Settings .

2. Go to System Settings .

3. Go down to Software Update .

Then press OK then the Red button to update the software. Then, please wait about 5 minutes for the update to finish and the box has restarted.

We strongly recommend that you update the software.

ℹ️ Do you have a MAG256 (and also later MAG models)? Please skip step # 3. Your MAG256 will automatically update the software.

4. Go to Settings then System Settings .

After updating the software, go back to Settings -> System Setings.

5. Go to Video and change to 1080p and 1920 × 1080. Press OK and go back.

ℹ️ Do you have a MAG256 (and also later MAG models)? Please skip step no. 5. Your MAG256 knows which cable is connected.

6. Go to Servers .

7. Go to General.

Enter . Press OK and to return.

8. Touch Portals .

9. At the First Portal, enter this

Portal Name: WorldIPTV
Portal URL: You get the URL via email. Vg, check your email.



You do not need to fill in anything for portal no. 2. Press OK to save and go back.

10. Go to Advanced Settings and change the time zone to Europe / Stockholm to make the EPG work. Press OK to save.

11. Return the main menu, and then your TV box will ask you if it should restart. Please, restart your TV box.

12. Change Buffer Size from 0 to 15, but first go to Settings -> Advanced Settings.

When finished, press OK.


Now you come to WorldIPTV Portal, and then you can start looking at your IPTV channels.


For those who have applied for a test
account, please activate your MAC address on the bottom of your MAG box. You must enter the MAC address when you apply for a trial account.