Get in the channels on VLC

VLC is a M3U playlist player and works well for watching IPTV channels. After your purchase of Smart TV channel package from you will receive an M3U URL via your email. All you have to do is enter the ULR in your VLC.

So here’s your setting VLC

  1. Download VLC from .
  2. Open VLC.
  3. Press “Control N”.
  4. Paste your M3U URL into the field below


    Paste your M3U URL here.

  5. To get the channel list, you need to press “Control L”.

You get the M3U URL via email, and it looks like this
http: // IP address: port / get.php? Username = xxx & password = xxx & type = m3u_plus & output = ts


It is possible to get only the Nordic channels. You just need to search for “SWE” on the search function.