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We are always looking for new dealers with or without experience. An entire team is at your disposal and will help you get started and provide support when you need it. You become part of WorldIPTV and will be part of the development of applications, media boxes etc.
You pay nothing to become a reseller but we see that you invest a small amount (3000 sek) to create accounts for your customers, in other words, we do not charge for you to become a reseller.

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Popular questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

1. What is IPTV?

IPTV is a new and easy way to use when it comes to the TV world. You have access to most of the channels in the world without a lot of rubbish or a lot of money. All you need is a stable internet connection. IPTV is one way and watch TV through the internet. You either use a box that you can check on the service through or if you have SmartTV / SmartTel / Tablet or a computer then you just download an app that you can check on TV through.

2. Without cord, hassle or problems?

If you want to be flexible and simple, you can buy the service and use it directly through your Smart TV.

Here we have to insert the channels through many apps available.

3. Don't have access to Smart TV?

We also sell the channels in a digital box where there is a one-time cost for the box itself.
We recommend our customers to always buy with box. With the box you get a better experience, more stable picture and easier navigation.

Also remember that when it comes to the box we do not need an app. Which is of great advantage as the apps can have a huge pressure and the channels can start hacking.

4. Does this work well? How is the quality?

IPTV is highly dependent on your Internet at home. We recommend customers to use their connection with cable to get the best experience. Then we recommend an internet connection of at least 30 Mbit for it to work well. If you have a lower speed then check with a test to see how it works for you! We are happy to assist with help.

We offer channels of the highest class and can with good conscience say that this works excellently to 98% of the time. 

Our HD channels are offered in 1080P where you get maximum resolution.

5. Which unit can you use?

To each unit there is an app that you can use. We are not responsible for how the apps work because we do not own the apps.
More recently, we have noticed that Smart iptv, which is the app for Smart TV stroller, there have been a few issues where our customers receive a message “Connection Time Out”.

This is nothing we can influence and nothing that has to do with the channels. It is the app that blocks your IP address temporarily. What you can do is change the connection to the TV, if you have connected it with cable switch to Wi-fi and if you have connected it with Wi-fi try switching to cable. The alternative is to delete the app and install it again.

In other words, to get the best resolution, connection and maximum experience, we recommend all our customers to buy our new box.

6. Can I watch 2 or more devices at the same time?

If you want to watch more than 1 unit at the same time, we have “family subscriptions” for this purpose. (Applies to the same household)
If you use your subscription for more than 1 unit without the right kind of subscription, your account will be blocked and possibly blocked from our services in the future. You can use your subscription to multiple devices as long as you do not use them at the same time . That is, if you have 2 smart TVs at home then you can use the M3U link on both apps but if you turn on the TV and watch IPTV at the same time you will be blocked.

7. Can I get a refund?

We always recommend to take part in our free trial before buying a subscription, for 24 hours you can try out quality and the channels. Mostly when the channels are unstable, it has to do with internet connection, app issues or TV / box problems. We help you with troubleshooting, and if we ever have problems with the servers we announce it on our Facebook page quickly. We do not offer refunds when it comes to IPTV subscriptions. If you want a longer test, you can buy a month’s subscription to try out for a longer period. In other words, you are bound to subscriptions for the period you buy, you can choose to transfer it to someone else if you so wish.
Our boxes are tied to your subscription via MAC address and are thus part of the subscription until it expires. (However, you can change the device on your subscription if you want at any time during the subscription and transfer the box to someone else or reprogram it to another supplier).
If you have a problem, talk to us! We will be happy to help you🙂

8. My device / app / internet provider has blocked IPTV!

WorldIPTV or its resellers cannot be held liable for a 3rd party blocking of IPTV or our services.
We are more than happy to help you find a solution but no refunds will be issued at blocks of our services with a 3rd party.
Ask us if you are unsure!

9. The channel I like does not work!

Sometimes it happens that particular channels do not work, then you should primarily check if there is a backup channel under VIP (It says VIP after the channel).
We would also appreciate if you report it to us so that we can have a look at it.
Keep in mind that many channels can change frequency and especially when it comes to major events, to disrupt services like the ones we offer. In cases like  that, know that we work as quickly as we can to solve the problem.

What does the law say about IPTV?

For you as an end user, according to Swedish law, it is legal to have “pirate TV” as long as the decoding of channels does not take place with you. With IPTV, the decoding takes place at the hosting provider, where then video / audio stream that is fully decoded is passed on to you as a customer. (Converting / Storage / Video Streaming) 

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